About Us

Our Mission

At AuthentEdge, our mission is to offer high quality products with first-rate service; and superior products that show their value at first glance.

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About AuthentEdge

AuthentEdge is a small family-owned specialty wood business tucked away in the rolling ridges of Perry County, Pennsylvania, where wildlife and nature can be enjoyed every day. We specialize in live edge furniture and dazzling custom pieces at customers’ request.

Our History

When we sold our successful sawmill-millwork company in 2014 after 19 years of operation, we decided to open a metal fabrication business. Little did we realize how much we enjoyed working with wood. So, after a few years in metal fabrication, we purchased a band mill and started cutting unique logs. Before long, we needed a larger band mill to cut logs for live edge slabs. Thus a new business was born.

Our Future

Today, our capabilities include cutting logs up to 70” in diameter and 24’ long, and we’re continuing to come up with new and innovative designs. We’re always looking towards the future, and adding services and products to better serve our customers.



At AuthentEdge, we admire the look of natural wood, and preserve it in every piece. We take reclaimed wood and bring out the beauty within with our simple but modern process. Using clear coats of finish and minimal shaping, we are able to set wood while maintaining its appearance. We retain wood’s grain and weathered look, but add protective measures to prevent splintering and finishing touches to promote long-lasting results.

Our tables range from large conference tables to small side tables. We also are able to do solid-wood countertops. At AuthentEdge, our facility is capable of a wide array of services up to tremendous sizes; give us a call or contact us to find out what we can do for you!


We handle each piece with care and dedication, with processes that highlight the unparalleled beauty of natural wood.


Our customer service is courteous and responsive; and we’ll do everything we can to get you what you need.


All of our lumber is collected from local sources, offering sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.


Whether it’s a vague idea or a detailed diagram, we will push our facility to the limits to create the piece in your imagination.

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