Live edge tables add a touch of natural design to any space.

Live edge tables offer character and charm to your living room and office.

live edge wood table

Live Edge Tables for your Home and Office

Live edge tables are the style of choice for anyone looking to add a touch of natural design to their space. They offer plenty of character and charm for all your needs- whether you’re hosting dinner with friends or a meeting space in your office.

-Live Edge Dining Tables

Your dining table is very important to you. It provides a balanced and natural centerpiece for your household, so it doesn’t just have to be a solid wood slab of stock from the warehouse. Live Edge tables are crafted from trees nearby that were cut down because they have reached their full lifespan or due to storms or fire damage–keeping them from being used as commercial lumber stocks but preserving them in use at your dinner time and not on someone’s tree lot.

-Live Edge Conference Tables

Live edge conference tables were designed to change the atmosphere of your office. Instantly, your workspace becomes more inviting and inspiring for both employees and visitors that come into the space. Live edge tables are raw, natural, unconstructed wood that take on a rustic finished look when waxed with our premium finish. They’re perfect for any size without looking too busy or overwhelming in tight spaces because they can easily be customized with different wood stains!

-Live Edge Coffee Tables

Live edge wood living, made for coffee time. Who knew these beautiful slabs of wood were just sitting there waiting to be transformed into something awesome? The Authent Edge is perfect for your morning routine, take it with you when you boil the kettle, sit at this fantastic natural live edge wooden table and enjoy that cup of jazzy Java!

-Live Edge Side Tables

A lot of woodworkers agree that they can feel the tree’s energy in a live edge table. When you’re preparing to put makeup on, grab your toothbrush or coffee cup, or just catching up on work emails, placing your things on one of these tables feels comforting and grounding because it helps you connect with nature. The designer lumber used for these side tables is both eco-friendly and easy to care for–no toxic sealant needed! It also transforms nicely over time as its gorgeous detail fades out naturally.

-Live Edge Dinette Tables

Gather around for tea with this one-of-a-kind dinette table. Not only is the wood a true work of art, but it matches your natural decor perfectly – all you have to do is find a spot.
Experience the naturally beautiful edge with the power of fine craftsmanship! Experience your family dinners or celebrations among friends with this table that enhances your living room with its organic appeal. Live Edge Dinning Table comes in Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut and is offered unfinished with a choice of natural teak oil or custom options to protect the wood from spills over time.

-Live Edge Pub Tables (or bar table)

This live-edge pub table is great for drinks, drinks and dinner with your friends! With plenty of room for all the dishes, this table will soon become the hub of your home! Made with local timbers.

-Top 10 Reasons to Live Edge

Culturally diverse design architecture Wide range of styles Can be used indoors and outdoors Adds warmth to any living space Steeped in history where nothing goes to waste Sustainable furniture that never goes out of style
Living and breathing, each table is a work of art. Made from sustainable and reclaimed wood, the beauty in this piece can’t be matched by anything else out there!
Product description: Solidly made from sustainable materials to last you a lifetime. Live edge dinette tables are perfect for gatherings with your family or friends.