Live Edge Slabs

We have tons of live edge slabs in stock ready for your next project.

Our live edge slabs and cookies are kiln dried ready to go.

live edge slabs and cookies

Live Edge Slabs

Live edge slabs offer natural style and character unmatched by conventional dimensional lumber. Use a live edge slab to build  your next masterpiece, be it a table or floating shelves to add storage and appeal to a room.

Live Edge Cookies

Just as the name implies, live edge cookies are usually more round and oval in shape. Live edge cookies are great for building pub tables or end tables.

Cookies are cut with the log in a vertical position. The grain pattern reveals the tree’s growth rings

Live edge burls are from trees that had some deformity or growth issue causing the burl to form. Cookies and slabs cut from burls have many distinct characteristics.

Live Edge Wood Slab Inspiration

Uniquely shaped live edge wood slabs still have the natural edges of the tree trunks from which they were cut. Designers of live edge furniture incorporate the natural origins of the wood in their designs.

Types of Life Edge Wood Slabs

  • Live Edge Cookies are rustic, unique pieces of wood that are perfect for DIY projects. They are usually from an end cut of wood and still have the natural lines of the outer edges of the tree trunk.
  • Live Edge Oak Slabs are great for large projects. This is a dense wood that is excellent for making tabletops and floating shelves.
  • Live Edge Cherry Slabs are stable and straight-grained wood and is one of the best woods to work with. It’s used to make anything from furniture to toys.


What Live Edge Wood Can Be Used For

Live edge wood furniture can take your interior decorating to another level. They will fit into any room of your home. Some of the beautiful live edge wood items that can become part of your household are:

  • A live edge charcuterie board for your kitchen. Your visitors will be impressed by your display of meat, fruit, cheese, and whatever else they desire, on this board. They’re easy to make yourself and you don’t need woodworking experience.
  • A live edge coffee table or dining table will also impress your guests.
  • Live edge slabs also make excellent kitchen countertops and even fireplace mantels.
  • Buy a live edge coat rack or create one from live edge wood and cast iron hooks. You no longer have to hide your hats and coats in the closet.
  • Live edge wine racks and wall mounted shelves will also liven up your rooms.

Final Thoughts

If you believe there’s no need to improve on nature, you will enjoy the beauty of live edge furniture. Each piece is unique and you will always see the lines of nature in your furniture.

Whether you buy your live edge furniture or make it yourself, these fantastic pieces of wood will add charm to your interior decorating.