Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables add a touch of natural design to any space.

Live edge tables offer character and charm to your living room and office.

a selection of live edge tables

Live Edge Dining Tables

Your dining table is very important to you. It provides a balanced and natural centerpiece for your household.

One of the most important tables in an entire home is the dining table. You can throw out any other table in the home but the dining table is the one table that any home should have because of how important it is to regular dining. Of course, a good dining table can make an entire dining room stand out as one of the best rooms in your home.

By choosing a live edge dining table, you can provide the kind of dining room centerpiece that will instantly give character to the entire room. A simple slab of plywood simply won’t do it because of how bland or ordinary it is. You have to go with something that has the character and appearance that can create an entire atmosphere in your dining room.

On top of how amazing live edge dining tables are, they are also quite sustainable. That’s because live edge dining tables are made from trees that have already lived out their lifespans or have become damaged due to natural calamities. As such, you are not just using some regular commercial wood as you are basically giving new life to trees by making them the center of your dining area.


Live Edge Conference Tables

Live edge conference tables were designed to change the atmosphere of your office. Instantly, your workspace becomes more inviting and inspiring for both employees and visitors that come into the space.

Live edge tables are raw, natural, unconstructed wood that take on a rustic finished look when finished with our premium finish. They’re perfect for any size without looking too busy or overwhelming in tight spaces because they can easily be customized with different wood species and  stains!


Live Edge Coffee Tables

Live edge wood living, made for coffee time. Who knew these beautiful slabs of wood were just sitting there waiting to be transformed into something awesome? Coffee tables from AuthentEdge are the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee and for having friends over for tea time. Sit at this fantastic natural live edge wooden table and enjoy that cup of jazzy Java!

Our selection bases for live edge coffee tables range from modern steel bases to rustic tree stump bases.


Live Edge Side Tables

Side tables are very important in bedrooms, living rooms, or in just about any type of room in your home because these small tables are so versatile and very useful in almost any situation. Whether you are watching TV, reading a book, catching up on some work emails, or drinking a sip of coffee, your side table can come in handy.

There will always be something comforting and relaxing about a live edge side table that you can use as an all-around table around the home. The better the design of the table is, the more comfortable it will be to use for your regular daily routine. Of course, you will love how live edge side tables are made from eco-friendly lumber that should transform any room into something gorgeous and natural.


Live Edge Pub Tables (or bar table)

Whether you have your own bar or pub business or are simply looking for a good spot to drink with your friends when you are at home. These tables are amazing pieces that are designed to make any bar or drinking spot look more traditional.

If you want to have that classic bar appearance in your pub or home, having a live edge pub table can beat any other bar table you can find in the market. The natural look as well as the striking designs that live edge pub tables come with are more than enough to give your pub a look it needs to stand out. Of course, because live edge pub tables are sealed well, you won’t have to worry about the possible water damage coming from the moisture of your drinks.

Reasons to Choose Live Edge Tables


– They are both traditional and modern

One of the best things about live edge tables is that they come with a traditional look that can also be modern. The traditional appearance comes with the antique and old look that these wood slabs come with. Of course, even though these tables have only become popular nowadays, history shows that live edge tables have been in use for hundreds of years already.

– Artwork

Live edge tables are pieces of art that can instantly act as the centerpieces of any room. These are wood edges that came from trees, and each slab of wood is unique from all of the others. On top of that, the way these slabs of woods are cut and shaped aren’t always the same. This is what makes them works of art that are unique from all of the other tables.

– They make the home or office look natural

Homes and offices that use commercialized wooden tables look bland and boring. However, using live edge tables can make a home or office feel a lot more natural because of the natural look that comes with these tables.

And studies have shown that living and working spaces that feel more natural are capable of reducing stress levels while increasing our connection with nature due to the fact that we feel more “alive” when we are around things that are natural.

– The best combination of looks and functionality

Live edge tables are not only there for their looks but are also there for their functionality. You will be hard-pressed to find another type of table that combines looks and functionality better than live edge tables because these tables are actually very versatile and durable.

Their versatility comes in the form of how they can be used for a lot of practical purposes in homes and offices. Meanwhile, live edge tables are also durable because they are not made from processed and commercialized pieces of wood.