Our Process

What We Do

At AuthentEdge, we believe when the wood grain is preserved in the finishing process, it really shows the character of each unique piece.

Live edge wood emphasizes the outer edges of the lumber, retaining the natural (or live) edge discovered directly under the tree bark. This lets us create one-of-a-kind pieces due to the different qualities found in each slab. AuthentEdge retains these characteristics, keeping our furniture as close to natural as possible.

live edge wood tables shop
surfacing a cut of wood

How It’s Done

We purchase logs for their special grain and figure, which is only the beginning of our rigid process standards. Then, we cut slabs from the logs with our bandmill and air dry and prep each piece to get it ready to be kiln dried.

Using our own Vacuum or Dehumidification dry kilns, we dry the slabs to the desired moisture content of about 8%. Once dried, we ensure that our warehouse is climate controlled so our slabs do not regain moisture – staying dry is key for preventing an uneven surface, and keeping the integrity of the piece as a whole.

Then the slabs are surfaced and sanded for a custom finished piece of furniture, or sold to our customers for their own special uses.

Wood We Offer





Spalted Maple


White Oak


Most North American Hardwoods