What Is Live Edge Wood?

Live Edge Wood
When you see a piece of furniture made from live edge wood, you will forever be able to identify a piece made from live edge wood. So let’s understand what live edge means. 

When you look at custom live edge furniture, you probably can imagine a tree that yielded the wood for the piece. If you look the edges of the wood slabs, the rough, thick edge of the slab with the tree’s surface is still visible. The natural origins of the wood are will remain with the piece for many years.

Although frequently associated with rustic, a live edge design will fit into any style. The natural beauty of wood and great craftsmanship are key to joining the two worlds. Artisans from AdvantEdge understand the character, philosophy, and range of live edge furniture from the pieces they design.

At AuthentEdge, we embrace nature, simplicity and craftsmanship into our designs. We take pride in our craftsmanship to produce a piece which originated within nature which will last for generations.